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Workplace Lighting, Clerkenwell

Creating a strong sense of community

The design intent for this original workspace was to balance layers of light to create a mixture of different environments. Be it a collaborative setting for social interaction, a focused area for work or a quiet spot for personal wellbeing, the lighting scheme is attuned to the people using each individual space.

A linear track and spotlight system acts as a recurring theme throughout. The system provides a blend of task lighting and soft diffused illumination in the reception, whereas in the adjoining casual seating area it delivers ambient day-to-day illumination but can be modified by adding magnetic decorative pendants to create a different backdrop for events.

In the open plan working areas, the lighting solution works with the industrial ceiling to form a clear hierarchy of lines. Diffused lines of light between acoustic panels create a comfortable environment and reduce glare onto screens. In meeting rooms, additional flexibility has been built into the scheme: walls are illuminated when used as a whiteboard, and integrated downlights create the ideal setting for video conferences.

Moving into the communal areas, a visual differentiation takes place. A suspended catenary system featuring light bulb pendants softens spaces, circular pendant lights hang within all the indoor planting to provide continuity, and floor lanterns create cosy pockets of illumination.

Where the emphasis moves from the group to the individual, the lighting follows suit. Private working spaces are illuminated by oversized acoustic theatre lights and each light is dimmable so that employees can customise their secluded working zones. In a tranquil room designed for relaxation, cloud-like acoustic pendants provide gentle illumination, and wall-mounted lights in sleep pods emit a soft glow for reading or rest.

Images courtesy of the client

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Daniel Blaker


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