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London Wall Office

Combining classic and contemporary

We were asked to design a lighting scheme to complement the architecture and resonate with the interiors of a renovated Grade II Listed premium London Wall office space. We created a classical yet delicate lighting arrangement to modernise the historic building. The lighting in the reception and lobby area were kept minimal to allow the Edwardian features to speak for themselves, whereas the office space permitted a bolder, brighter scheme, designed for visual impact.

Glass wall fixtures bathe the bronze panelling of the hallway in a refined and gentle light that emphasises the textured grooves of the woodwork, creating a welcoming feeling. The discreet lighting in reception contains a subtle mixture of downlights and wall lights that brighten the area, designed to support wayfinding, and draw out the contemporary elements of the space. Carefully positioned downlights illuminate the striking green marble flooring and boarders, underlining the classic luxury of the building.

Three bespoke planetary pendants, created by our sister company Nulty Bespoke, elegantly hang in the lobby, reflecting off the stylish green marble poser tables below. Their design was inspired by the subtle hues and contours of the planets in our solar system. Formed of three hand-crafted glass discs, they have a cloudy consistency, each one unique in its intricate detail. The pendant houses an LED that radiates light outwards, emitting a soft diffused glow, resulting in a beautifully understated luminaire with elegantly balanced proportions.

The office space itself contains vibrant frames of linear light that are suspended within the coves of the timeless exposed ceilings, accentuating the style of the space. Hovering over work desks, the brightly lit frames bring character to the room and illuminate surfaces, washing them with a comfortable level of task lighting.

Images © James French

Project Team

Daniel Blaker


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