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What is Colour Rendering?

What is Colour Rendering? If we were to give a definition of colour rendering, it would be something like this: “Colour Rendering is the ability of a light source to accurately render the colours of the objects”.¹ However, like almost everything that has to do with Physics (apologies to my professors), it’s easier to understand this with everyday examples: have you ever put on make-up…


The role of an independent lighting designer

How does an independent lighting designer make a difference to the design process? Why do the…


2 days ago

The 1960s buildings and structures at Baylis Old School are full of stark contours, textures and tones, and this is where the power of light comes

What is Colour Temperature?

What is Colour Temperature? Colour temperature is a fundamental factor when selecting a light source, together…


What’s the future for the office?

Don’t miss “The Office Reboot” feature in the latest edition of FX Magazine. Alongside FX, we brought together a panel of experts – including architect, designer, psychologist, developer and technology consultant – to discuss what the office will look like after lockdown and if changes will need to be made to the way we conceive and design office spaces. Here’s a link to the article….


Light-based Learning Sheets for Children – Part 2

Today we’re introducing the second instalment of our Learn to Light initiative – an educational resource…


The Art of Drawing Light

Drawing light can go a long way when it comes to understanding illumination and indeed spatial composition – something lighting designers Seraphina Gogate and Sophie O’Rourke are intrigued by. For the latest edition of Lighting Journal, Seraphina and Sophie have written a feature about the art of drawing light, which goes back in time to examine how great artists used light in their work and how they (essentially) drew…


2020 Lighting Design Report

We’ve put together a 2020 Lighting Design Report that focuses on the workplace and summarises…


Question Everything

It’s no stretch to say that we live in a world full of disinformation. But,…


The Future of Workplace Design

In partnership with FX magazine, we’ve brought together a panel of experts to debate the…


Daniel Blaker in Lightecture Magazine

In the new edition of Lightecture magazine, Daniel Blaker talks about creative lighting design and…


Herondale Avenue, London

We’re delighted to see this fabulous home on Herondale Avenue, southwest London, featured in The…


‘Light Up Your Lockdown’ Winners!

Firstly, thank you to everyone who entered our Light Up Your Lockdown photography competition. It’s been a…


Light-Based Learning Sheets for Children – Part 1

Today we’re launching Learn to Light, an educational resource that teaches children about light through…


Confessions of a Lighting Designer

Living in Dubai for three years whilst working as a lighting designer has taught me…

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