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Ellie Coombs

Ellie Coombs


When she was younger, Ellie wanted to be “a costume designer or a detective” – and as Paul Nulty’s deputy, we think she’s achieved a near-perfect combination of those roles. Ellie’s day-to-day work is varied, to say the least. She’s heavily involved in the creative elements of our projects, but we also rely on her to investigate all their practical considerations too – from making sure they’re sufficiently resourced to unravelling the mysteries of ISO9001 and solving the case of the missing laser measure. Whatever she’s working on, her calm-and-collected deduction methods always ensure a smooth running of the business.

Despite her decade of experience in the industry, award-winning designs and other lighting accolades, Ellie is actually best admired for creating giant sausage rolls whenever we have a project milestone or birthday to celebrate.

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Hotels on the Nulty drawing board

We’re working on a number of hotel lighting projects at the moment, five of which I’m delighted to share below. From luxury interiors to high-quality finishes, it’s all in the detail when it comes to lighting and hospitality… The Carlton…

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