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Our Future Planet, Science Museum

Carbon Capture

The aim was to be as resourceful as possible when designing the lighting installation for the Our Future Planet exhibition at the Science Museum.

Visitors are immersed in a subtle forest-like setting as they come to learn about carbon capture and storage. To replicate the living woodland scene, we installed a gobo projector with tailored components to create a mix of branch, leaf and cloud formations on the floor of the exhibition space. The dappled canopy effect instils a sense of calm and connection.

Early collaboration in the project allowed us to feed into the design layouts and address any potential challenges – for example, working with the constraints of the space and existing lighting arrangements.

Repurposed luminaires were used throughout to accentuate a range of exhibits, some of which had strict preservation needs. The challenge was to create a lighting scheme that looked good whilst minimising light exposure on sensitive objects. To achieve the right balance, we created a high contrast scheme with very little ambient lighting – allowing the exhibits that required low illumination levels to stand out.

Images © Science Museum Group

Project Team

Ellie Coombs


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