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Take Two Interactive

A home from home

Take-Two Interactive, a creative and innovative gaming company that places value in a work-life balance, asked for a stylish and flexible lighting design to echo this sentiment, making the office a home-from-home for all employees.

Immediately visitors are greeted with a sleek and understated lighting scheme in the reception. A warm graze of light washes the surrounds of the desk, emitting a welcoming glow and drawing visitors into the space. A recessed line of light elegantly frames a series of display screens and creates a visual threshold below the vibrant animations. The orthogonal feature pendant suspended in the centre of the lobby has been designed to complement the gridwork of the window that surrounds the piece. Muted and elegant, it supplements the space and adds a creative layer of light.

Through the sliding double-doors and into the breakout room, a sense of calm radiates throughout. Designed to be a flexible area, nothing is static, including the lighting arrangement that supports the informal and homely qualities of the space. A plug and play system of track and spot fittings have been recessed into the ceiling and deliver directional pools of light. Square lines of light, integrated into the acoustic ceiling panels, neatly frame the track and spot system, continuing the modular theme.

Rows of black track oppose white fins that bridge the workspace ceilings. Each beam houses ultra-low glare fittings installed to offer a comfortable level of light to work in, offsetting screen glare at desk level.

The cafe has a minimal lighting scheme, yet subtle layers of light add depth. Pockets of light shine throughout, from the focused spotlights in the ceiling, to the vertical kitchen backsplash. These pockets illuminate different areas of the room, creating a relaxing, homely feel, inviting people to inhabit every area of the space – one of the main requirements from Take-Two’s brief.

The gym employs a range of spot and track systems to create two contrasting scenes. A bright, high-octane setting is created to give users the boost they need during the day, this is balanced with a moody, muted atmosphere set for the evening, allowing users to ease into their late-night session.

Images © David Churchill


T2 and PW's vision of a comfortable yet chic workspace really appealed to me. The project responded to the unique challenges presented by a shift towards hybrid work environment and serves as good precedent for future office spaces.

— Seraphina Gogate

Project Team

Gary Thornton


Slaney Cullen


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