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Slaney Cullen

Slaney Cullen


Slaney joined Nulty as an intern and that was that. He’s always had a passion to create stories or scenes that engage and thrill people, and although he dreamt of doing this as a film/ TV director he realised that being a lighting designer would also satisfy his passion. After all, light’s a powerful tool when it comes to people’s emotions. 

Slaney still has dreams though (something we like to encourage!), one of which is to work on the lighting for one of the “Hyperloops”. It’s the innovation and ambition on these projects that moves and inspires Slaney. But whilst these enterprises remain in the never-ending pipeline (pun intended), he remains more than happy with the exciting range of lighting design projects he gets to work on here at Nulty. As for us, we remain more than happy that he keeps us on our toes with his observant eye and desire for detail.

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