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Experiential personalisation

Located in the heart of London’s business district, etc.venues have doubled their Bishopsgate destination in size to 40,000 square foot. Covering two expansive, multipurpose floors and with no end of flexibility, the state-of-the-art tech and versatile lighting solutions elevate the conference space to deliver a bespoke experience.

Clients are able to put their own stamp throughout the entire space, and so our lighting scheme had to continue in the vein of experiential personalisation, accommodating each of the branding and creative opportunities available.

Linear LED RGBW light tubes are positioned at the core of the lighting scheme. An elegant and playful solution, the fixtures echo the flexibility of the etc.venues event space. Set evenly and continuously through the breakout room, the tubes glow in a synchronised fashion and continue into the four adjoining meeting rooms. The light cylinders allow for seamless scene-setting as the full RGBW spectrum can be displayed in static or dynamic colours, completely adaptable and bespoke.

Controlled by a handheld touchscreen, the lighting can be set to one or multiple colours, in a variety of colour patterns, they also have the ability to generate waves of light and ripple effects. Supplemented by wall control panels, the control system is user-friendly, allowing for complete command of the light sources throughout the multifaceted space.

The coloured light has the power define spaces. Schemes can be set using different colours to create separate zones, or one resolute colour allows for a seamless flow of illumination as users move within the event at hand.

Multifunctional, the breakout area needed subtle lighting elements to supplement the various seating arrangements and coffee stations. Cove lighting bounces off the golden backwash of the catering units and suspended decorative can lights illuminate appliances.

A narrow corridor leading to the toilets makes for an ‘Instagrammable moment’, as linear light has been integrated into the walls, floor to ceiling, creating a portal of light. Synched to the main conference sequence, these colour-changing tube lights also act as a vibrant lighting response that reflects the theme set by the client.

Modular linear profiles come together to create ‘X’ formations, generating an energetic impact in the main conference room. The replication and synchronicity of these modules plays on the idea of collaboration, perimeter can downlights provide contrast, accentuating the floor below, adding a touch of drama.

A subtle interplay can be created between the tube and can lighting, for example, etc.venues’ clients can dim the linear light to 20% then increase the brightness of the can lights to alter the ambiance and vice versa, providing variety and complexity.

Images © James French


My favourite part of the project is the colour changing and synchronicity of the lights, the dynamism is really quite impressive.

— Betty Kajajian

Project Team

Betty Kajajian


Bilge Eseroglu


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