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Daniel Blaker

Daniel Blaker


It makes sense that Daniel’s dream project would have been the Pompidou Centre: the building’s complex, high-tech architectural structure – and its large range of services and attractions – is a great metaphor for Dan’s diverse range of technical expertise and creative interests.

Having studied aeronautical engineering (as part of “a quest to become a mad inventor/pilot”), Dan changed course and worked in marketing before earning his BSc in product design and joining Nulty. His vast array of complementary skills – from physics, engineering and logistics to craftsmanship, artistry and vision – make him perfect for his role as creative director.

Dan’s job is to make sure that we’re constantly upping our game: creating lighting design solutions that push boundaries while conforming to our clients’ needs and expectations. Strangely, he seems to have decided that power ballads are a good motivational force in the office. Either that, or he’s a bigger fan of Bonnie Tyler than he’s letting on…

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