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Galeries Lafayette Shenzhen Beauty Hall Decorative Floral Arrangement Globes of Light General Illumination Architectural Lighting Design Consultants Nulty

Galeries Lafayette, Shenzhen

French Intent

The French fashion store, Galeries Lafayette, opens its first location in Southern China, Shenzhen. Spanning two levels, this luxury retail space is home to over 100 brands and is full of stylish personality and moments of visual interest.

We developed an integrated lighting scheme designed to sit within the fabrication of the store. Each fixture has been considered, with an intention to complement the framework of every space and collaborate with the merchandise and interiors found throughout the retail setting.

The entrance to the store is nothing short of celebratory. The brightly lit threshold generates visual interest that draws shoppers in and gives a flavour of what is to come – the composition of linear light reflects the structural lines of the Eiffel Tower and sets a tone that resonates throughout the retail space.

An arrangement of white tube lights that characterise the Galeries Lafayette brand applaud the double-height space of the atrium. Reflecting off the metallic wall, the stylish arrangement of lighting washes shoppers in an energising glow that accompanies them up the escalator and on to Cardy Papa’s design intent, ‘a fusion of fashion and French sprit’.

Continuing the boutique Parisian themes, globes of light are interspersed within a bright floral garland suspended through the beauty hall. In line with products below, the decorative pendants create subtle yet functional levels of illumination amid a vibrant key moment.

A bold energy can be found in the men’s section of the store. Unapologetic in contrast, the exposed ceilings reveal the finessed spotlights that accent the merchandise below. Infused within the decorative mesh frames, curved linear light radiates outwards elevating the stylish display.

Familiarity and a personal touch are experienced in the VIP lounge, still adhering to a theme of French luxuriousness, chic halos of light surround the changing mirrors. This comfortable space is accented by a collective of illuminated globes, framed by minimal downlights that generate an intimate level of light.

With no corner left neglected, a multitude of experiential design environments can be found throughout: arches of illumination, neon artwork and halos of light that reinforce mirrors all generate Instagrammable features ready to be captured for the world stage.

Images © Galeries Lafayette and Cardy Papa


It is as much about the quality of experience as it is about quality of product - something that only a select few department stores achieve and something that can only be accomplished with light.

— Daniel Blaker

Project Team

Daniel Blaker


Motheo Ramphele


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