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Entrance Lobby Mirrored Ceiling Cove Lighting Inside Burj Al Arab Tour Luxury Interior Designers Nulty

Inside Burj Al Arab Tour

Celebrating splendour and opulence

The Inside Burj Al Arab tour gives guests and tourists exclusive access to never-before-seen areas of luxury within the iconic Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. We took great pleasure in designing some of the key lighting concepts for this memorable experience, using light to draw out the already palatial surroundings. Our aim: to ensure that the same quality of light can be seen throughout the tour, reflecting the opulence depicted within the rest of the building.

As well as developing the lighting for areas of the tour such as the new boutique, the Champagne bar and the reception area, we were tasked with the visitor entrance. A recurring technique used throughout the project was to integrate the lighting with surrounding interiors. In the lobby space in particular, we hid laser blade lighting between the mirrored ceiling panels to provide subtle detail within the cove and wall washers were used to highlight the luxurious décor.

Much of this project involved reviving what has remained from the original design of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah 23 years ago, and so we have kept the original fibre optics used in the mirrored ceiling coves in the lift lobby. These blue hues were initially employed to reflect and simulate the surrounding colour of the sea and we felt it important to remain in keeping with these original concepts. We have then added to the ambiance of the lobby by brightly lighting the wall coves in a way that interacts with the gold fixtures – whilst also maintaining a sense of warmth and hospitality.

Back down in the exit lobby, again, a mixture of downlights and integrated joinery lighting work together to highlight the smaller details within the expansive space. The finale of the tour ends at the Champagne bar where a wash of light across the feature canopy and counter brings a sense of arrival to the luxurious outdoor space.

Images © Ben Preece


The opportunity to use light to celebrate and enhance the splendour of one of Dubai’s most beloved and enduring icons – every decision was, in essence, a standing ovation to the structure itself.

— Ahmed Saliem

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