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Inside Burj Al Arab Boutique

A slice of seven-star life

This new boutique within one of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks was designed especially for the Inside Burj Al Arab tour – an experience that gives guests and tourists the chance to visit previously inaccessible areas like the hotel’s glorious atrium and exclusive Royal Suite.

Working with the design team we developed a lighting solution for the boutique that maintains the refinement for which the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is famous. We balanced the principles of hospitality and retail lighting to enhance the ambience and maintain a consistent design language with the rest of the hotel.

Laser blade lighting has been carefully concealed between reflective panels to preserve the oval-shaped mirrored ceiling – a feature that is framed by a soft glow of cove lighting. Recessed downlights have then been used only where necessary to boost light levels and track fittings are recessed into the ceiling so that only the refined gold luminaires are visible. The tracks are fully flexible, meaning the system can be adjusted to accommodate different retail layouts. At a lower level, discreet joinery lighting guides the eye to key merchandise displays.

The colour temperature of the lighting scheme has been fine-tuned to enhance the mood of the space and accentuate the exquisite metallic textures and natural stone finishes. The overall effect is warm and welcoming, and importantly ensures a harmonious flow from the boutique to the wider hospitality surroundings.

Images © Barry Lake

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