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Bromley Old Town Hall

A transformative restoration

The iconic Grade II listed Bromley Old Town Hall has been transformed after an extensive refurbishment that works to combine and collaborate the old with the new.

After years of restoration, the building has a new lease of life. Conscious of that fact that the town hall is entering a new era, there has been a sympathetic integration of the grand 1906 and 1939 architecture with a contemporary design ethos.

And so, reclaiming the heritage of the Old Town Hall was at the heart of our lighting scheme. The project required a considered approach that blended the primary architecture with the renewed styling of the building, with this in mind, our design was predominantly centred around reinstating original light fixtures where possible.

Ascending the grand marble staircase framed by green art deco columns, visitors are led to an impressive hallway flooded with light that pours through a grid of illumination. Originally a natural skylight, the ceiling now comprises of an artificial white light that is synced to accurately reflect outdoor light levels.

Into the main corridors of the original building, lighting has been sensitively reinstated to accompany the cornicing and details of the archways. Bowl lights, previously used elsewhere in the building, have been reinstalled throughout the hallsa circular way of staying true to the townhall’s history, and a perfect example of how repurposing existing fittings and fixtures can still allow for effective design execution.

The previously undervalued basement has been repurposed and given a new lease of life as the curved hallway has been lined with linear profiles to dramatic effect. Their gentle glow illuminates the exposed concrete, leaning into the industrial aesthetic. The equidistant fixtures add a rhythm and permeability that pulls you through the corridor.

Clockwise Bromley provides offices, meeting rooms and shared workspace for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The original architecture of the old courthouse has been maintained; arches that frame the large stained-glass windows are bathed in a quality of light that celebrates these details.

Dorothy and Marshall, a traditionally British restaurant, echoes the sentiment of Bromley Old Town Hall. Its wood panelled walls are elevated by integrated perimeter lighting and globes of light that elegantly perch along the outskirts of the room. Table lights allow for the space to transition from day to night and provide intimacy for patrons.

Images © James French
Architect: Cartwright Pickard 
Interior Design: Fusion Interiors Group


The original purpose of this civic building was to serve the municipality, and I love nothing more than playing a key role that brings the people and the building back together for its next role in serving the local community.

— Daniel Blaker

Project Team

Daniel Blaker


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