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Integrated Joinery Lighting in Shelving No 1 Grosvenor Square Lighting Design Consultants Nulty

No. 1 Grosvenor Square


No. 1 Grosvenor Square, a place of true historical significance. From aristocratic residences in the 1700s, to the location of the US Embassy and the Canadian High Commission (and childhood home of JFK) in the 1930’s, the address has an illustrious heritage. Now home to privately owned luxury apartments and townhouses, the property has been preserved and refurbished to the highest standard by international property developers,Lodha UK.

With architecture by Eric Parry Architects and interior design by Yabu Pushelberg, every detail has been painstakingly considered. Our elegant lighting scheme follows their lead and serves to enhance the building’s celebrated heritage features, gracious proportions, and bespoke features and finishes.

Residents and guests are immediately greeted by the historic oval room, a refined reception space with a decorative circular cove around the perimeter. Ambient light gently illuminates the architectural details and splendour of the room. A skylight acts as a centrepiece where dynamic white light permeates the glass to infuse the room with a comfortable level of light, conducive to daylight. Light transitions to soft, warm illumination as the day progresses, reinforcing the passage of time and the setting of the sun.

The property’s time-honoured corridors serve as elegant transition spaces with minimal lighting intervention. Linear light meanders along the passage and is strategically placed to facilitate the height of the ceilings and pull you towards your destination.

In the luxurious spa, residents step straight into a space indicative of prime wellness. To accentuate the relaxing ambiance, light and dark work in contrast to create subtle expressions of light. For the swimming pool itself, low-level illumination ignites the body of water and offsets its cool colour temperature to create an immersive experience (literally).

Elsewhere in the screening room – a place of comfort and leisure – layers of light allow the room to seamlessly change from a brightly illuminated social space to a subdued cinematic experience. Lines of light wash the perimeter walls, emitting a soft glow that discreetly bathes the plush furnishings. As the architectural lighting hardware is hidden from view, the scheme is composed and refined, with no visual noise to detract from the setting or screen.

Organic materials and a textured ceiling lend the private car park a truly unique design aesthetic. Here, cove illumination around the perimeter emits a soft, permeable quality of light that bathes the space with warmth and celebrates the geometrical contours of the space. Central pillars feature integrated uplights that wash each column with light and provide textural relief from the multidimensional ceiling.

Images © James French

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