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Architectural Lighting Design Scheme Executive Offices Cove Illumination Fabric Timber Walls Chic Stylish Interior London Nulty

Executive Offices, London


Peppered with bursts of colour and geometric forms, the chic residential-style interiors of the executive offices at Selfridges are supplemented by a subtle yet impactful lighting scheme.

Aside from a striking Barrisol skylight in the boardroom, lighting interventions in the ceilings were kept to a minimum to support an uncluttered design look. Discreet spotlights and downlights have been used, but only where necessary – for example to accentuate artwork or create a pool of light on a feature or tabletop. Instead, the scheme focuses on concealed cove lighting details to illuminate vertical surfaces with a range of finishes and textures.

Within the offices a half-moon amphitheatre demonstrates how architecture and lighting can combine to create something spectacular. Formed of oak steps and acoustic fabric panels, the serene space is brought to life by integrated tiers of light that create a beautiful halo effect.

Images © Ståle Eriksen

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