We’ve put together a 2020 Lighting Design Report that focuses on the workplace and summarises the research and trends shaping the way we design with light. By sharing some of the insight that informs our thinking, we hope to shine a light on the way we approach each project and how we might work with clients in the future.

Our role as independent lighting designers is evolving – never more so than now as we navigate the impact of Covid-19 and how this will influence workplace design, and of course other sectors, such as hospitality and retail.

Be it technology, standards or brand experience; lighting controls, biophilla or health and wellness; sustainability or human centric lighting… our expertise makes a real difference to the projects we deliver. It’s how we as independent lighting designers add value and influence the design process for the better.

If you’re involved in workplace design and would like a copy of our useful report on lighting, get in touch here.

Image: Michael O’Sullivan