Inspiring Mumbai's Night Sky

On the 22nd January 2024, the Mumbai Light Festival (MLF) witnessed the mesmerising debut of ‘Making Waves’, a light installation that sought to capture the essence of Mumbai’s resilient spirit. Collaborating with the esteemed Kala Ghoda Festival and supported by Mumbai Tourism and Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), this installation became a beacon of creativity and community.

Inspired by the popular Hindi saying, “Boondh Boondh Se Sagar Banta Hai” (every drop counts), the installation symbolised the relentless efforts of Mumbai’s inhabitants as they navigate the journey from humble beginnings to making waves of success in a city that never sleeps. The feature represents and celebrates the collective perseverance and unwavering determination of the 23 million residents of Mumbai.

Nestled within the confines of the Cooperage Bandstand Garden at Churchgate, the installation stood at an impressive six metres in height and 12 meters in length. The team managed to assemble the installation in an astounding 36 hours, which was no small feat given the complexity of the turret and the intricate illumination that came with it.

A four meter circular base plate supported five structural metal rods to provide a sturdy foundation for the six metre tower. The plate was finished with a reflective mirror laminate and linear lights that were artistically curved, their glow giving it the illusion of a ‘Ripple’ surrounding the bottom of the tower.

The tower itself, also known as the ‘Drop’, comprised 50 circular acrylic discs all varying in size and arranged in a pattern that created a wave effect down the length of the tower. Each disc was individually laminated with holographic film, which reflected and interacted with both the sunlight in the day and the artificial light cast by the installation at night.

To truly instil the notion of a wave, we took the installation horizontally away from the tower, using metal rods and integrated light to generate a sense of motion. With meticulous precision, six steel rods were arranged horizontally and two feet apart, beginning in a tight group and then gradually spacing out to a curved end to represent a wave. Linear strips followed the curvature of the rods, illuminating the wave, adding depth and dimension to the structure.

As night fell, the installation came alive in a symphony of colours. The installation was dynamic in its illumination, the full RGBW spectrum was available, with the LED lights set on a playful loop of eight variations casting a visual treat throughout the public garden.

Children and adults alike revelled in the immersive experience – a wave of light that travelled up and down the tower and along the horizontal curves, illuminating the installation in vibrant ever-changing colour as it went. The light flowed, and its colours danced in a rhythm symbolic of the same pulsating energy that can be found in the vibrant streets of Mumbai. “Making Waves” transcended its role as an installation, becoming a symbol of hope, resilience, and the boundless potential of collective endeavours. It was therefore inspired by and designed for the people of Mumbai.

Thank you to all of the organisers and our sponsors in helping this installation come to life.

Floating Canvas Company for hosting the festival.
Kala Ghoda Festival in association with MLF and for hosting our installation at one of their venues.
Light Source International for sponsoring us.
Maharashtra Tourism for your support.
Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

To support the installation’s strong concept, we expressed the narrative poetically to enhance its impact on the visitors.

Mumbai Light Festival – Making Waves

In the city of Mumbai, where dreams take flight,
The resilience of its people shines so bright.

From distant villages, they come penniless and small,
With hope in their hearts, they answer the call.

With blood, sweat, and tears, they toil and strive,
In this bustling city, where dreams come alive.

From rags to riches, their stories unfold,
Every challenge they face, every story untold.

Like every drop that makes a mighty ocean’s flow,
They prove that in Mumbai, dreams can grow.

Through the hustle and bustle, they find their way,
Making waves of success, come what may.

In Mumbai’s hustle, they forge their fate,
Their strength and ambition, simply great.

For every drop makes a mighty ocean, they say,
In this vibrant city, where dreams never fade away.