Looking back

Focusing on the bright side of 2020, we’ve handpicked five of our favourite highlights from the past year. From shiny new workplaces to sharing knowledge, figuring out fake news and seeing light as an instrument of hope, here are our must-sees.

1. Project: Workplace Lighting Scheme, Clerkenwell

As workplaces go, this Clerkenwell office is the envy of us all. It was a real pleasure to design the lighting scheme for such an inspiring space that’s shaped by the company’s core principles of openness, collaboration, and inclusivity. The lighting is attuned to the people using each individual space, be it a focused area for work, a collaborative setting for social interaction or a quiet spot for personal wellbeing. Want a nosy inside? Take a look here.

Image courtesy of the client

2. Blog Post: Question Everything – lighting design in the era of fake news

As if living in a world where both mainstream and social media are constantly caught generating “fake news” wasn’t bad enough, the design world is starting to suffer from ignorance and indifference as well. Conflicting narratives and opinion pieces about blue light, Coronavirus, the climate crisis and everything in-between are making heads spin at an alarming rate. Are we working hard enough to question what we hear and read? Check out Kael Gillam’s ode to disinformation here – it’s a thought-provoking piece.

3. Virtual Round Table: The Future of Workplace Design

We love a collaboration so were delighted to join forces with FX to host this virtual discussion back in June. We brought together a panel of experts to debate the impact of Covid-19 on the workplace and reflect on whether radical changes will need to be made to the way we conceive and design office spaces. Chaired by Editor of FX Magazine Theresa Dowling, the discussion offers a cross-section of views and insights from all areas of the industry, including developer, designer, architect, technology consultant and psychologist. Hear what they had to say here.

The Future of Workplace Design Debate Expert Panel Lighting Designers Nulty FX Magazine

4. Article: Light – an instrument of hope, by Paul Nulty

Earlier this year Paul wrote a stirring article for DesignCurial about light and how it has the power to unify and engage us when we need it most. From cave fires in ancient times through to rainbows drawn by children during the pandemic, light is most definitely an instrument of hope. Have a read here.

5. Virtual Learning: The Dark Art of Light Series – how to light your home 

The Dark Art of Light is a video series that we developed to provide inspiration and guidance for the interior design community, and anyone looking to broaden their understanding about residential lighting. By deconstructing lighting design, we hope to demystify the process and share some of the key tips that can make or break a lighting scheme.

There are five easy-to-digest presentations that look at the dark art of lighting a kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom and garden. By providing a blueprint for different areas within a home, we demonstrate how task, accent, ambient and feature lighting techniques bring depth and character to a room. Don’t miss out – head to our YouTube channel here to discover more.

How To Light Your Home Masterclass Series Bathroom Scene Lighting Designers Nulty

Banner image © James French