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Lighting Scheme Stylish Dusty Pink Interior Palette Luxury Patisserie Cake Shop Mayfair Consultants Nulty

The Connaught Patisserie

Good things come in small packages

With plush furnishings, a dusty pink colour palette, marble tabletops and velvet surfaces, The Connaught Patisserie on Mayfair’s exclusive Mount Street is the place to savour a sweet treat.

Pink blush walls form the backdrop for striking crystal pendants that are positioned along the ceiling to illuminate the marble tabletops. From the base to the tip each handblown pink pendant displays a gradual fade in colour and houses a carefully chosen light source to produce a sparkling effect, while making the cakes and pastries look their best.

At the back of the patisserie, two bronze lighting tracks with miniature spotlights deploy layers of illumination to each section of the counter. One layer of light pours directly downwards through the displays to highlight the texture of the delicacies; the second layer of task lighting illuminates the back bar where staff operate, and croissants and cakes are on show.

Perfectly aligned pastries and cakes are elegantly displayed in a central glass cabinet. Cleverly concealed lighting at the front of the case illuminates the treats and their labels, whilst another hidden lighting detail washes the back of the cabinet. This creates an effective silhouette behind the product and enhances the three-dimensional quality to the display.

Whether it was reviewing luminaire samples, testing lighting details or experimenting with different colour temperatures, every element was carefully considered to achieve an effective lighting solution that accommodates even the most reluctant sweet tooth.

Images © Maybourne Hotel Group

Project Team

Daniel Blaker


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