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Gloria Milano Vibrant Rich Decorative Layered Interiors Soft Furnishings Textured Warm Focal Chandeliers Architectural Lighting Design Consultants Nulty

Gloria Osteria Milano

An Italian Spectacular

Gloria Osteria, Milan is the latest opening from restauranteurs Big Mamma, and set to guarantee patrons an energetic and vibrant dining experience.

The layered lighting scheme was designed to play a supporting role, to elevate the lively, Instagrammable interiors and to help bring the exuberant aesthetic to life.

Subtle linear light frames the exterior glazing, casting a gentle glow on the façade, shining a light through the window to provide a glimpse into the world to come.

The restaurant itself is a luxurious arrangement of rich tones and finishes, so the lighting is designed to draw out the materiality. Low level, integrated illumination traces the curvature of the banquet seating to reinforce the soft furnishings. Ornate table lamps bring direct illumination to diners, encasing them in a halo of light that allows for a sense of privacy, and evokes a relaxed atmosphere.

Curved, mirrored arches contain decorative wall sconces whose glow is dramatically reflected back at onlookers, adding further character to the interior features that Gloria is renowned for.

Discreet directional can lights provide general illumination throughout the space and are met with a warm hue emitting from a series of magnificent textured chandeliers that act as a focal point, transporting the gaze to the height of the room.

The spectacular backlit bar is a true theatrical moment, mixologists are framed by integrated joinery lighting that is supplemented by bright uplights, causing a radiating glow.

Images © Jérôme Galland

Project Team

Guy Kornetzki


Marina Pippi


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