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Lighting Design Fluorescent Tubes Timber Funky Office Entrance Nulty

Berghaus Head Office

Winner of Best Fit Out, BCO Awards 2016

Thanks to Berghaus we’ve been struck down with a terrible dose of workplace envy (you’ll see what we mean). This is a project where the photography does ALL the talking, but at Nulty we like to chat, so here are some details about the architectural lighting design for this fabulous refurbishment project up in Sunderland, headed up by architects Rock Townsend.

Vibrancy, playfulness and functionality sum up the lighting design concept for this outdoor clothing and equipment brand’s global HQ. It’s low on energy but high on impact where simple, standard fixtures (the budget was tight) were used creatively. Fluorescent tubes, for example, in the reception area punctuate horizontal timber planks creating shards of light between panels, and as linear lines of light suspended from exposed beams form an eye-catching entrance.

Opening up the interior of this 1990s block completely transformed the two-storey office building. New, differing work zones, each with an identity, required a flexible lighting solution so varying light levels were used to meet individual working needs. We focused on the building’s engineering and structure to create a raw, industrial feel with the lighting in the bright, main office areas and breakout spaces. In contrast, the central area, made up of glazed meeting rooms, is softly lit with accent lighting to give a warm, cosy feel. And, let’s not forget the bread and butter – the outdoor gear! In the showroom we used playful decorative lighting combined with thoughtfully positioned accent illumination to highlight the innovative products on display.

The outcome? Well, aside from every visitor getting bouts of office envy, the result is some seriously inspirational, world-class office space that totally nails everything Berghaus is about along with its brand message: Live for Adventure.

Photography: © Matt Clayton / Photography: © James French

British Council for Offices Awards 2016 Berghaus Winner Lux Awards Shortlisted Lighting Nulty


How an essentially dull and tired office building has been totally transformed into what's now the most incredible, inspiring and creative work environment.

— Paul Nulty


Our new space beautifully showcases our strong heritage whilst providing the facilities and the environment to create an exciting future for the Berghaus brand.

— Richard Leedham, Berghaus Brand President

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