Next year's lighting trends

What lighting trends are in store for 2017? We’ve got the answers covered thanks to our Founder and lighting expert, Paul Nulty. He’s dusted off his crystal ball and shared what he sees happening in the new edition of the Interior Design Yearbook.

Firstly, lighting design is “becoming more mainstream”, which means it’s attracting hugely creative, tech-centric people who have a love for science and design. Keeping with the technology theme, this sector’s looking to the lighting industry to help realise new techniques that will change the way we live. But, for us, as architectural lighting designers, a lot of it’s still about using light to transform a space and as a medium to influence mood and behaviour.

And there’s much more: from flexible working in office environments to the need for multi-faceted hospitality spaces, retailers competing with online shopping to the wonderful world of “wellbeing” – all involve light. You can read Paul’s article on 2017’s lighting trends here.

Image: © Matt Clayton