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Colourful Striped Feature Wall Mannequin Art Installation Frame Lighting Nulty

Selfridges Designer Studio

Collision of urban culture

This gallery-inspired space forms Selfridges’ new Designer Studio where fashion, art, music and culture join forces. With a loft-like feel where natural light makes quite the entrance, the studio is architecturally raw, edgy and effortlessly stylish.

Our brief was to design a lighting scheme with the feel of a curated gallery – it needed to be still and not disruptive, but had to highlight each piece. We did this by using a soft colour palette, the latest technology and best LED sources, while not compromising on colour rendering and consistency. But, the previously closed off windows didn’t make things easy – it was vital to balance the amount of natural and artificial light. With increased light levels mid floor and by taking things down a notch around the perimeter (all with added flexibility) the right solution was found.

Even though a consistent design approach was used throughout the studio – to make the space feel open and uncomplicated – we didn’t take our eye off the detail. Carefully positioned, flexible lighting subtly illuminates the merchandise and art installations, giving each display the attention it deserves.

Customers won’t need to apply a filter when trying on the latest piece of Vetements. With the clever rendering of light sources and warmer low-level lighting forming a soft halo around mirrors, the changing rooms are more than selfie friendly.

Images: © James French


Using the latest technology meant we could employ tiny LED spotlights - but, they still pack a punch. Because of this the quantity of light fittings could be reduced and the over all impact on the ceiling minimised.

— Daniel Blaker

Project Team

Daniel Blaker


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