The performance of light

In the new world of omni-channel shopping the role of “retail theatre” has never been stronger. If someone chooses to shop in store rather than online it’s because they perceive there’s an added value to the experience, be it physical engagement with the product, personal service or simply spending time with friends.

Shopping isn’t just about consumerism, it’s also about the opportunity for social and emotional engagement. To be successful on today’s high street it’s all about providing a personal and memorable brand experience. Retail theatre may not be right for all brands, however it can be used to great effect to create multi-sensory immersive environments, which entertain shoppers.

Retail Theatre Restaurant Lighting Pendants Plants Airy Natural Illumination Nulty

Lighting plays a key role in creating theatre within a space, from traditional theatre techniques to new interactive technologies. Lighting is a flexible medium that can change the ambience of a space at the flick of a switch, allowing for changing campaigns, unique brand events and pop ups. While brand events and pop ups may not boost spending, they do attract additional customers and increase dwell time.

With those who shop in groups spending up to 50 percent more than those who shop alone, the focus is on the experiential touch points: social interaction, cafes, leisure activities and the “atmosphere” – all of which enhance the experience, prolonging dwell time and increasing spending.

As such lighting design is no longer just about ensuring the product is well illuminated – it must also create an ambience where shoppers want to stay and have a glass of wine with a friend.

Images: © James French