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Record Label, King’s Cross

Striking the right chord

This major record label required a fun yet functional lighting scheme that would unite different workspaces and offer flexibility, while avoiding a rigid corporate feel. With this brief in mind, we set about making the architect’s vision a reality.

The lighting solution throughout the ten-storey building has a consistent design style, while also integrating a sense of controlled irregularity. In the open plan desk areas, striking lines of light (7000 metres in total!) suspended from a concrete ceiling appear random, but don’t be fooled – the location of each light fitting was carefully calculated to provide the right amount of illumination below, even if the desk layouts change. To soften the angular pattern and add contrast, circular pendants were added.

The linear luminaires continue into the private office and meeting spaces but, in contrast, are recessed within the ceiling tile system for a flush finish.

Moving to the breakout areas, linear luminaires “randomly” positioned amongst the timber-slatted ceiling catch the eye, but not as much as what’s displayed on the walls. To show off music memorabilia, artworks and a myriad of graphics we used carefully placed spotlighting.


Standing outside the building and looking in. You can see all the floors, and the lighting - it's quite impressive.

— Ellie Coombs

Project Team

Ellie Coombs


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