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Fidelity International, London

Enhancing experience through design

When contemplating health and wellbeing in the workplace the topic of lighting is never far behind. For Fidelity International, employee wellbeing was high up on the agenda when creating its new Cannon Street office space, so we were asked to design a WELL accredited lighting scheme that struck the right balance between professional and comfortable.

Meeting the WELL directive drove us to design a scheme that would enhance the space for the people who use it on a daily basis. To do so we delivered a sophisticated yet lively lighting solution, which underwent rigorous calculations to ensure it met strict compliance guidelines without sacrificing the aesthetic.

We made use of a wide range of architectural lighting design techniques throughout the building, including custom-made linear light inserts in the open plan areas, designed to be highly efficient and have high colour rendering. These custom luminaires also feature in different layouts in meeting rooms, framing each space while providing the perfect level of ambient light for video conferencing.

In contrast to the more formal, client-facing areas, the breakout spaces have a leisurely and relaxed feel. To get this effect, and complement the interior style, we used stylish handmade ceramic and copper pendants. These decorative elements create intimate pockets and encourage team members to literally take a “break”.

Throughout the office a lighting control system offers numerous flexible scenes, be it making an area cosy for an intimate event or dimming lights to reduce energy consumption when daylight levels are high.

When it comes to a first-rate working environment through excellent design, Fidelity International’s new office is an example to us all.

Images © James French 


The challenge of creating a lively working environment while adhering to strict WELL guidelines.

— Ellie Coombs

Project Team

Ellie Coombs


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