Learn to Light

Today we’re launching Learn to Light, an educational resource that teaches children about light through fun activities that can be carried out at home.

Led by Nulty’s inquisitive owl, children are introduced to scientific terms such as refraction, reflection, dispersion and shadow play, and are encouraged to explore their surroundings and question the role of light in their day-to-day experiences.

The first three worksheets – Rainbows, Colour and Shadows – allow grownups to use a light source and everyday objects to carry out creative activities with children, such as making a rainbow with a glass of water, creating a sundial to understand light and shadow, and using a colour-mixing wheel to see the way primary colours vanish to produce white.

Aimed at children aged between four and seven, each downloadable two-page worksheet has a brief introduction to the topic, an experiment, fun facts and simple activities to consolidate learning and encourage excitement about light!

CLICK HERE to download all three worksheets.

To download the worksheets individually, click on an image below. (To access Part 2 of Learn to Light, which includes three more worksheets – Light and Dark, Light Waves and Vision – head here!)

1: RAINBOWS Find out how rainbows are formed and the role that light plays in the process by creating your own rainbow.

Learn To Light Rainbows Worksheets Childrens Educational Resource Nulty

2: COLOUR Discover how white light is actually made up of different colours by creating a colour wheel.

Learn To Light Colour Worksheets Childrens Educational Resource Nulty

3: SHADOWS Learn all about the relationship between light and shadow by creating a sundial.

Learn To Light Shadows Worksheets Childrens Educational Resource Nulty

The Learn to Light worksheets are also available in Thai – find them here.

DISCLAIMER: parents or guardians take responsibility for the success and safety of all tasks and activities on the Learn to Light worksheets.

Blog post updated 18.01.2021