Educational Resource

Learn to Light is an educational resource that Nulty developed to teach children about light through fun activities. There are six, two-page worksheets that cover the following topics: colour, light and dark, light waves, rainbows, shadows and vision.

In response to Covid and children not being able to attend school, we wanted to find a way to support the wider community here in Thailand. By translating the Learn to Light worksheets into Thai and sharing them, we’re hopeful that children will get access to much-needed offline educational content. The worksheets can be easily printed for distribution, allowing grownups to carry out practical and enjoyable tasks with children using simple inexpensive items.

CLICK HERE to download all six worksheets in Thai. 

CLICK HERE to download all six worksheets in English.

Disclaimer: parents or guardians take responsibility for the success and safety of all tasks and activities on the Learn to Light worksheets.