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Nalatporn Sakdirit (Bee)

Nalatporn Sakdirit (Bee)


When Nalatporn was a child she used to “borrow” her mum’s clothes and refashion them into fabulous outfits for herself. Whilst her attempt at being a tailor meant she entered her mother’s bad books, it did spark her enthusiasm for creativity. Today we can happily report that Nalatporn’s imaginative flair combines with her impressive industry experience to fashion great lighting schemes (and that she’s no longer in trouble with her mum).

Based in our Bangkok studio, Nalatporn is best described as an all-rounder. She’s as comfortable seeking collaborative opportunities with local practices as she is designing amazing lighting solutions… or fostering client relationships as she is helping us with a spot of translation.

Nalatporn has been working as a lighting designer on local and international projects for over a decade and brings a wealth of experience to the studio. Further afield, she loves working with the wider Nulty team (who she aptly describes as a bunch of diverse characters and talents), especially when it involves taking on challenges as a collective.

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