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Spencer Baxter

Spencer Baxter


Spencer is at the helm of our Bangkok office and with his proactive approach, lateral thinking and business acumen we couldn’t be in safer hands.

With two decades of lighting know-how under his belt Spencer certainly understands the ins and outs of the industry. Whether it’s conceptualising a lighting design scheme, leading the way when it comes to project management or navigating client relationships, he’s got it covered. He’s also super approachable, which is great because we’re always picking his brains.

In his early days Spencer played with the idea of being a musician, but he soon realised making music wasn’t his strong point. The next best thing? To become a roadie, of course. Yet the road he took didn’t involve much rock ‘n’ roll; it involved the world of lighting, which, along with his sense of adventure, took him to Thailand – and we’re mighty pleased it did.

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