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Luxury Spa Lighting Design Illuminated Coffer Seating Circular Chandelier Consultants Nulty

The Garrison Club, Chelsea Barracks

Prestigious Amenities

For the Garrison Club within London’s exclusive Chelsea Barracks, we designed a series of lighting schemes that reinforce the high-quality level of craft and materiality seen throughout the private space. Layers of light have been woven into surfaces and joinery to ensure that nothing detracts from the overarching visual aesthetic by Squire & Partners. Where luminaires are in view, they work cohesively with the setting and stand out as elegant design elements.

Inside the lobby, strong lines of architectural light work alongside decorative lighting to bring warmth and depth to the space. Linear coffer lighting combined with recessed downlights provides gentle illumination from above, while horizontal lines of light positioned within shadow gaps wash the natural timber surfaces and stone feature wall with soft diffuse light. A floating backlit onyx desk draws the eye and is illuminated from above with a multi-layered pendant. At the other end of the lobby, integrated lighting washes the vertical surfaces with ambient light and a graze lighting technique highlights a decorative metallic mesh wall hanging with a silhouette lighting effect.

Downstairs in the world-class spa, designed by Goddard Littlefair, the lighting scheme works to create a tranquil yet homely ambience for residents. In the entranceway, low-level illumination beneath seating and a coffer feature blend seamlessly into the background and ensure that an elaborate circular pendant is the main feature. For the swimming pool, artificial skylights evoke different scenes according to the time of day, transitioning from cool energising light in the day to warm atmospheric light in the evening.

Inspired by a private members’ club, the Elicyon designed games room features a traditional green and gold pendant that creates a halo of light above the billiard table and muted picture lighting picks out artwork. In the cinema, diffuse lines of light travel up the walls and across the ceiling to form subtle injections of light, and ornate wall lights add a touch of decorative detail.

Images © Jack Hobhouse

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