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Striking Layered Lighting Design Mall Facade Curved Sweeping Architecture Midtown Riyadh Consultants Nulty

Midtown Mall, Riyadh

Pattern, Playfulness & Character

Working with the architect, we designed a facade and landscape lighting concept for Midtown mall, a vibrant new development on Tahlia Street made up of interconnected restaurant and retail units.

The sweeping exterior comes to life after dark through the integration of light within the architecture. The lighting creates an immersive experience for visitors whilst bringing contrast and drama to the facade and landscape.

Across the facade three different lighting techniques establish a clear visual hierarchy. The triple-floor frontage features illuminated panel ceilings with a decorative perforated finish. Here, lighting with a cool colour temperature provides high-level illumination, framing each level and revealing the texture of the perforated surface. For the middle of the facade, a continuous line of cove lighting washes the lower walls with warm light and creates the illusion of a sweeping band of gold.

A third layer of light travels across a series of timber fins in a flowing wave formation. Here, concealed luminaires emit light up and down to enhance the contours and tones of the fins and create a sense of movement and character.

At ground level, landscape lighting highlights key features and helps with wayfinding. Integrated light within water features adds a splash of drama, uplighting draws attention to planting, and lines of light illuminate steps and highlight seating areas.

Images © Pierre Zabbal

We’re overjoyed that Midtown Mall received an Honourable Mention at the Light Middle East Awards for Mall Lighting Design Project of the Year 2023.

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