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80 New Bond Street

Emanating Immaculate Design

Set to leave a lasting impression, the iconic 80 New Bond Street has been refurbished and it does not disappoint. The development emanates exclusivity, designed to rejuvenate the high street and maximise its prominent Mayfair location.

To cement the building’s nighttime identity, a comprehensive exterior lighting scheme has been developed for the façade and outdoor terrace, while the memorable reception area required a lighting arrangement reflective of its quiet luxury.

A few steps away from the world-famous Oxford Street, the façade itself acts as a wayfinding solution, its compelling illumination pulls footfall along the street, supporting nighttime economy and providing passers-by with a sense of orientation.

A combination of carefully curated warm and cool colour temperatures have been selected to work in unison with the material of the building, establishing a hierarchy of light that demarks an upwash as well as downwash of light across the frontage. The lit effect of this integrated light celebrates the stone and highlights details including the fluted balconies that would otherwise disappear in the darkness.

The roof terrace boasts panoramic views of the London skyline, and so, in order to preserve them, all lighting fixtures have been installed below the balcony sightline. Low-level spike lighting illuminates miniature trees and greenery, whilst an integrated skirting detail surrounds the planters, consistently wrapping around the terrace to provide a functional glow along the pathways for night-time use.

A striking tunnel of stone frames the entrance to the building. The panels of the walkthrough are slightly concaved, revealed by pairs of spotlights set between each of the arches. Neatly integrated illumination washes upwards, elevating the immaculate design of the passageway.

Progressing into a double-height lobby, an impressive backlit vaulted ceiling greets visitors on arrival. 24 arched panels of modular, tuneable white light have been deliberately engineered to taper off at the edges in order to create a barrel-vaulted composition. Each module acts synonymously with the next, fading as one as they shift between warm and cool colour temperatures simulating daylight levels – dimmer in the morning, then turning brighter and cooler as the day wears on.

Sleek, lowhanging pendant lights suspended over the reception desk generate a pinpoint beam that creates a functional level of light directly above the workstation. Bright skirting linear detail draws the eye to a low level, accentuating the reception desk and enhancing the flawless aesthetic of the space.

Images © James French

Project Team

Gary Thornton


Paul Nulty


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