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Emilio Hernandez

Emilio Hernandez


Our team is always keen to make the most of daylight when designing new concepts: it’s clean, free, fairly predictable, sustainable (well, it’ll last five billion years or so) and kind to the planet. So we were delighted when Emilio joined our team: as a former daylight designer, he’s helped us make better, more efficient use of daylight in beautiful and interesting ways.

Emilio’s a big fan of variety, so he came to Nulty for the chance to work on the “artificial” side of lighting design. (And also because we’re great, we like to think.) “Variety” can also best describe his skillset: while he has technical know-how and creativity in spades, he also has a fantastic understanding of the perspectives and interests of other teams working on a project – which helps us create lighting concepts that everyone’s going to love.

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