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Architectural Lighting Design Office Reception Space Desk Monolithic Sliding Door Framed Illumination Nulty

Vedanta, Mayfair

Metamorphosis through Light

Vedanta’s headquarters is an uber-flexible executive space with chameleon-like design features that needed an equally ambitious lighting scheme.

In collaboration with fit-out specialists Modus and interior designer DaeWha Kang, we created an architectural lighting solution that plays a key role in affecting the metamorphosis of the space – changing the mood, ambience and dynamic at the touch of a button.

An eye-catching feature is a monolithic door in the reception that’s framed with light. The sliding portal opens to a “hall of mirrors” where there’s a series of bespoke oculus “moon” luminaires. The motion sensitive luminaires sit within a sculptured Corian ceiling and come to life when people walk under them, changing the colour of the space and projecting pools of light that replicate shafts of daylight. And the magic doesn’t end there – the mirrored walls disappear to reveal more moons and a “sun” within a large open-plan events space.

The clever interplay between low- and high-level lighting creates a dynamic environment throughout the office. Linear uplights behind banquette seating, which illuminate walls and window reveals, and tiny floor-recessed uplights create a domestic feel that balances perfectly with the “daylight” coming from the oculus luminaires.

All lighting functions are run by a custom-designed lighting controls system that ensures a smooth and quick transition between lighting scenes (and there’s a lot to choose from). Overall the lighting plays a crucial role in the emotional state of visitors, providing a type of ethereal companion in this thoughtfully designed project.

Images: © James French

Dezeen Awards 2020 Longlisted Architectural Lighting Design Nulty


The flexibility of the space allowed us to create something very special - something you wouldn't find in "standard" office lighting design. It's theatrical, dramatic and full of contrast. I mean... how often do you get the chance to walk under moonlight in the workplace?

— Paul Nulty

Project Team

Paul Nulty


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