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One Hooper’s Court

Practical elegance

One Hooper’s Court, a newly developed, state-of-the-art commercial space, is the latest launch from The Knightsbridge Estate. Designed by renowned architects Fletcher Priest, the contemporary office space is housed across two floors, curated with thoughtfulness and comfort at its heart.

The lighting scheme for the reception, breakout spaces, meeting rooms and outdoor terrace all required a layered design, composed to enhance the interiors whilst supporting a fully functional working environment.

A bright reception area greets employees and visitors on arrival, as indirect light subtly reflects from deep coffers in the ceiling. Functional downlights poised above the welcome desk create purposeful light levels that negate the need for task lighting.

Away from the formal workspace are a number of areas that allow for a change of pace, and so the lighting arrangement needed to reinforce the sentiment of a relaxed atmosphere. Breakout spaces continue along the hospitality vein with a layered and integrated lighting design, and when combined with decorative components, result in a soft quality of light at human scale.

Rich tones and an inherent materiality define sunken work booths enhanced by uplights that wash warm wooden panelling, wall sconces that add depth, and considered spotlights that highlight the plush furnishing, providing harmonious yet practical light levels.

The ‘Quiet Room’ consists of flexible lighting features that offers occupants complete control of the lighting arrangement. Soundproofing interiors are supported by fully dimmable, integrated linear light and tuneable white components that, when combined, generate a sense of tranquillity.

Mindful of the contrast between materials, a light box concealed behind fluted glass emits a glow that washes a teal tiled bar below. This white light is balanced perfectly with the backlit illumination of the bar, whose outward glow unifies with the integrated downlights and black track and spotlights beyond.

The meeting and conference rooms of One Hooper’s Court ensure comfort for their users, all consciously designed to meet a perspective of low glare. Wallwasher downlights highlight the vertical surfaces to offset the illumination from integrated screens and are balanced with a slim track profile and upwards facing fixtures to gently illuminate the soffit.

A bespoke feature wooden staircase, designed as a nod to the Fibonacci sequence, finished with a hollowed handrail detailing, leverages an injection of light delivered by integrated LED. Functional lighting from above catches the metalwork in the trim of the rail, celebrating the restrained curvature of the wood, drawing users up the stairs.

The final juncture in the commercial space takes you to an outdoor terrace, informal in nature, draped festoon lighting that instils a whimsical intention. Accent lighting in the planting adds character, reinforcing the intent to create an entertainment space.

Images © James French


The fact that certain spaces within the building don't feel like an office or commercial space, and yet they're completely workable and practical.

— Gary Thornton

Project Team

Gary Thornton


Krystyna Menke


Nejra Causevic


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