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When KPMG chose Canada Square as its new headquarters, it had a vision to create the greenest building on the wharf. Contractors were asked to work to a sustainability management plan and cooperate on all aspects of the building’s design and construction in order to meet demanding energy, water and building material targets.

To work so closely alongside multiple agencies towards a common good was both thrilling and educational, as well as a great opportunity to burnish our sustainability credentials. We made use of a range of architectural lighting design techniques to meet our client’s requirements, including low-energy luminaires and daylight sensors to automatically switch off unnecessary lighting.

The building’s 14-storey glass atrium is an impressive space, but it needed to feel welcoming too. We kitted it out with linear fluorescent luminaires and bespoke dropped diffusers to add warmth, while a light sculpture helped to lower the perceived height of the room without obstructing views from the mezzanine above.

Up in the Level 14 client dining suite, we designed oversize feature pendants with dimmable low-energy lamps; together with the lighting control system, they can make each dining room feel intimate, but also bright and airy for daytime use.

The KPMG project was awarded BREEAM Excellent rating at its completion, and we’re mighty proud to have been involved.

This project was undertaken while Paul was Director of Light Bureau. Photography © Light Bureau


The level of detail and integration of lighting into the architecture means that the space feels cohesive and well thought out. It took a lot of planning and coordination but the success is testament to the team.

— Paul Nulty

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