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Reception Area Suspended Luminaire Interconnected Rings Lighting Design Nulty

ING Bank UK Headquarters


From subtly illuminating prize pieces of art, to washing light on a flat white – this new office space made use of every architectural lighting design technique we know.

Let’s start with the art. The bank has an impressive collection and wanted to have certain pieces on display. This might sound straightforward, but it wasn’t. Why? Because the energy-efficient lighting scheme had to carefully balance the illumination of the artwork with precise conservation requirements. In order to get things just right we worked closely with a curator and analysed daylight across the day and seasons, light quality and natural light ingress. The result: artwork displayed beautifully and thoughtfully.

An important part of the lighting scheme was to have an integrated solution that worked in tune with the clean lines and high quality of the client-facing areas – so we opted for a discreet magnetic track system. On top of being visually minimal, it’s flexible enough to provide the four key layers of light: downlighting, ambient light, wall washing light and spotlighting.

A few final touches include a solid-wooden slatted ceiling in the café – to illuminate the craftsmanship and create some visual interest, strips of light were embedded within the grooves. Bespoke luminaires, sporting the bank’s brand colours, hang above canteen tables to create a cosy, intimate feel. And downstairs in reception there are eye-catching, yet subtle pendants made up of delicate, interconnected rings – they add the perfect finish to global bank’s new entrance.

Images: © James French


The "I need coffee" shop feature ceiling – the way light plays with the form and colour of the timber to create a bold statement, while the increased lighting really lifts the space.

— Ellie Coombs

Project Team

Ellie Coombs


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