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Architectural Lighting Design Hotel Exterior Surrounding Coloured Light Hilton Garden Inn Bahrain Designers Nulty

Hilton Garden Inn Bahrain Bay

Highlight on the Skyline

At 125-metres and framed with a blade of light, this waterfront hotel stands tall on the Manama skyline. In collaboration with the architect, we developed an exterior lighting solution for Hilton Garden Inn Bahrain Bay using design elements to add intrigue and drama to the facade.

To form the envelop of light around the hotel, we used recessed linear LEDs within the shadow gap. The striking glow that emanates from the core of the building can be adapted in colour and intensity to suit different occasions or times of day.

Across the facade we took advantage of an architectural inset detail between each glass window. Specially manufactured uplights were placed at the base and top of each groove to highlight the architectural detail and create a play of light across the exterior.

At a lower level, surface-mounted linear LED wall washers graze the copper-toned glass of the mezzanine. Positioned on a small lip detail at the bottom of the glass, the fixtures project light upwards to give the glass a metallic glow.

Images © Nina Mommsen


The thinking-outside-of-the-box architecture and the way the colours from the materials and the lighting combine to give it a standout look on Bahrain’s skyline.

— Ahmed Saliem

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