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The Arches Zimbabwe Gallery Balcony Domed Vaulted Ceiling Interior Exterior Architectural Lighting Design Consultants Nulty

The Arches Gallery


The Arches Gallery is a secluded art gallery situated in the temperate Zimbabwean rainforest of the scenic Honde Valley. Boasting views of the surrounding tea terraces and distant mountains, the gallery is a celebration of light and space, showcasing art alongside the spectacular landscape. We developed a truly flexible lighting scheme to the highest specification, echoing the versatility and quality of the space. The lighting arrangement is a pragmatic response to the needs of a gallery, whilst simultaneously celebrating the geometric contours of the building and panoramic views.

Dimmable track and spot lighting suspends from the ceiling and runs parallel with the walls of the gallery, illuminating the art with directional beams of light. This system leads the eye out towards the veranda, seamlessly transporting gaze from the interior to the exterior – accentuating the volume of the space and what lies beyond. This completely flexible lighting design offers infinite possibilities in adapting to various exhibitions, whilst ensuring that the art remains the star element.

Indirect linear LED luminaires illuminate the vaulted ceiling of the gallery and when combined with directional light sources, layers of light are created and produce warm hues that complement the natural materials and convivial tones set by the gallery.

An uninterrupted line of sight is maintained throughout the central room, the featured lighting blends with the structural aesthetics, spilling over the threshold to illuminate the veranda. Consisting of a series of discreet yet intimate decorative pendants that follow the curvature of the building, the light sources of the balcony effortlessly integrate with the lush botanical setting and have been strengthened to withstand any movement produced by wind.

Images © Chris Scott

Project Team

Daniel Blaker


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