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Lighting Design Scheme Industrial Interior Multipurpose Creative Office Space Consultants Nulty

Production Company, London

Creating Bright Ideas

When this global production company moved into a new industrial-style HQ it was essential that the interior lighting met the needs of a studio specialising in visual effects and creative production.

Working with the interior architect we set about creating an effective yet stylish scheme for the multipurpose office space. In the editing suites, where people spend hours on end, we made sure colour matching could be carried out accurately using light sources with the highest quality colour rendering. For the large white wall (think James Turrell) that acts as a tool to re-balance the eye during editing sessions, we used a concealed light source to wash the surface with illumination.

Within editing rooms and workspaces, the lighting scheme creates a much-needed glare-free environment. In the main working areas, a suspended indirect linear light – that we specially designed with a manufacturer – provides the perfect level of soft diffuse illumination. Light levels are further supplemented by local task lighting.

The scheme continues through the industrial-inspired interior with a mixture of canned downlights in circulation routes and feature lighting in the form of decorative pendants and floor lamps.

Images courtesy of the client 

Project Team

Ellie Coombs


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