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Dandi Wembley

Living on another level

Labelled as ‘all-in-one city living’, Dandi Wembley is a newly refurbished residential development complete with modern co-working areas, a state-of-the-art wellness studio, an inviting café, as well as a vibrant resident rooftop bar – all housed under one roof where every space is beautifully designed.

The lighting intent was to create a vibrant scheme that appeases the classic look and feel of the communal areas whilst creating a sense of modern and seamless living – all things that the exclusive development embodies.

On the top floor residents can find the Dariana Lounge Bar, a grand space equipped with uninterrupted views of Northwest London and Wembley Stadium itself. Tiered pendant chandeliers shimmer producing higher levels of light that punctuate the space. Matching wall lamps ensure an even level of illumination, whilst integrated lighting under the counter of the bar washes the dark wood to highlight the organic finish.

Dariana Café is an oasis amongst the hustle and bustle of the building. Beneath the glass ceiling sits the focal point of the space, a gently illuminated water fountain. Complemented by spotlights from below and a feature chandelier from above, the differing levels of light dance with the cascading water. Wall lights pepper the perimeter of the room and are integrated with art deco pendants – the combination of fixtures creates moments of splendour amongst the tables.

The co-working space is a chic, cool area with a lighting scheme to match. Bringing a residential and hospitality quality of light to co-working, diffused linear light is suspended above each of the workstations to provide a comfortable level of illumination. Functional desk lighting is provided on every surface to serve as task lighting, allowing users to control the level of illumination within their area.

Images © James French

Project Team

Daniel Blaker


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