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101 on Cleveland Fitzrovia Reception Desk Hospitality Bespoke Pendant Contemporary Cove Interior Lighting Designers Nulty

101 on Cleveland

Accentuating contemporary texture

101 on Cleveland consists of an assortment of boutique luxury apartments and a hotel-style collection of amenities that reflect the chic character of the surrounding fashionable neighbourhood of London’s Fitzrovia.

We developed a lighting scheme that enhances the warm and textured interiors resonating with historic buildings of the area. The reception ceiling features a rectangular slot concealing adjustable spotlights and emits a linear glow. This is supplemented by downlights, making the space appear bright, counteracting the dark, polished wood and geometric panelling. The rear wall is framed with light, drawing the eye through the space, creating permeability, celebrating the great height of the room, and providing focus on a custom glass globe pendant luminaire – designed and crafted by our sister team Nulty Bespoke – above the welcome desk.

Throughout the basement lobby, the textured timber wall panelling is accentuated with light that gently grazes the face of the surface. Within the private dining area, accent lighting and wall lights bathe the space in warm, comfortable illumination. A halo of light surrounds the shelving behind the bar, whilst pendant luminaries bring a contemporary look and feel to the room.

Adding to the boutique nature of 101 on Cleveland, the cinema is another cosy and inviting space. Marker lights line the stairs so you can’t miss a step and the furnishings are enhanced by narrow beam downlights that pin spot luxurious cushions.

The 88 private apartments are elegant and exclusive in nature. The kitchens have integrated lighting underneath the cabinets and countertops, and when combined with the pendants and downlights, depth is given to the room, creating a homely quality. The living room has soft illumination to equal the soft furnishings.

Images © James French


How we employed lighting to elevate each space and enhance the variety of materials and textures throughout.

— Gary Thornton

Project Team

Amy Weatherley


Gary Thornton


Slaney Cullen


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