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Creative Studio, London

Bright Ideas

Designing the studio space for a well-respected team of creatives might sound like a tall order. But from experience we knew that a collaborative approach from the outset, coupled with discerning design, would deliver what the client needed: an inspiring and adaptable space, where the team would feel ready to take on their next challenge.

Alongside the architectural team, we developed a lighting design solution to work with the interior design and focus on how the team will work within the space. To achieve a sleek, consistent design look that’s flexible, we used one linear profile throughout that cleverly accommodates different light “modules” for different lighting needs.

Pin-up and backdrop walls are used by the team daily, so to make sure they were effectively highlighted we used a customised lighting module to evenly wash these vertical surfaces. In the open-plan working areas, diffuse light from the suspended profile provides general illumination (complemented by Anglepoise desk lamps, no less!) and to affect visual interest, high contrast modules accentuate circulation paths.

Creating contrast within the creative studio was an important design factor for the space to feel varied and appealing. Lower illumination levels and different decorative and architectural fittings in the common room, reception and pod areas offer a change in mood and function from the working areas.

Moving through to The Forum, a multi-functioning space designed for events and presentations, the lighting scheme gives a bit of theatre to the studio. Here, the track and spotlights add drama, while giving the client plenty of flexibility.

Images: © James French


The Forum. The materials respond so well to the spotlights, and the contrast and pops of colour make it a lively and engaging space.

— Paul Nulty

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