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Circular Architecture Restaurant Design Lighting Consultant Nulty

Yauatcha City, Broadgate Circle


When Yauatcha opened a second London restaurant in the City, the owners wanted it to have a different vibe from the original (and much-loved) Soho branch. At the same time, they knew it needed to feel just as convivial and cosy, despite its significantly larger size.

To fulfil the brief, we decided on an architectural lighting design concept that paired “drama” with “intimacy” and worked seamlessly with each element of the interior design. First, the drama. Adhering to the maxim “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”, we paid particular attention to the staircase leading to the first-floor restaurant. Giving it a stunning starlit ceiling and illuminated glass balustrade, it certainly is impressive and memorable. The restaurant reception area is also given special treatment: the soft blue backlighting and backlit aquarium are key brand elements that suggest this isn’t just a meal – it’s a distinctly “Yauatcha” experience.

In order to create an intimate, friendly atmosphere, we opted for more simplistic touches in the dining and drinking areas. Bespoke bone white china pendants hang elegantly above diners, providing soft, warm lighting without being distracting, while ambiance is added to the bar areas through the use of illuminated corian bar tops.

The final result is exactly as we’d hoped, and restaurant critics and diners alike feel we’ve created the perfect atmosphere for dim sum in the City.

Images: © James French


The playful use of light to create intimacy whilst working with a long, curved space. That and the food of course!

— Paul Nulty


Lighting to us is always a very crucial part of the whole project. We have high standards as I'm sure Nulty can tell you. The fact it's been done correct makes the project even better.

— Bruno Veninga, Hakkasan Group

Project Team

Paul Nulty


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