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Exterior Lighting Design Integrated Linear Illumination Pathway Cabanas Tables Hakkasan Abu Dhabi Consultants Nulty

Hakkasan Terrace, Abu Dhabi

An Exquisite Exterior

Hakkasan Abu Dhabi’s new outdoor terrace needed a lighting design scheme that would work with the existing architecture, open up the space and achieve a relaxed and intimate ambience, while keeping to the “Hakkasan” style.

So we got to work on doing just that. To draw the eye through the space and across the “majestic” grounds of the Emirates Palace hotel, we opted for lots of low-level lighting details. Lighting integrated within the entrance bridge steps, the flooring/ pathway and underneath the length of the cabanas creates rhythm and interest, and also highlights circulation routes.

The brand’s distinctive blue lighting is housed in a small, vertical reveal at the back of the cabanas and adds to the ambience while reinforcing Hakkasan’s identity. Finishing touches include table lamps for a cosy, domestic feel, and illuminated panels within the bar area make sure it’s the centre of attention.

Images: © Alex Jeffries Photography

Project Team

Mark Vowles


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