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Mark Vowles

Mark Vowles


While most of us shiver it out in London (at any time of year), Mark’s busy getting a suntan in hot, humid Dubai. Well… that’s not completely fair: as Director of our Middle Eastern office, Mark has his hands full keeping projects on track and drumming up new business.

From the time he was at school, Mark has been fascinated by the power of light – and he’s studied it and worked in various lighting design industries ever since. What particularly attracted him to the role at Nulty (apart from the wonderful colleagues and witty repartee, of course) was its diversity: “You get the chance to work on projects from a huge city masterplan to a private garage for vintage sports cars and more!”

A self-confessed golf fanatic, Mark spends a lot of time dunking birdies. Or shooting eagles. Aiming bogeys? We have no idea. The rest of us are clueless when it comes to golf, but he’s promised to teach us when he treats us all to a trip out to see him.

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