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Glass Facade Lighting Design Reception Entrance Selfridges Consultants Nulty

Selfridges, Nations House

Visitor Reception & Staff Entrance

When staff start their day and visitors pop by, it’s a fancy new foyer that greets them. Working with Gensler we designed the architectural lighting scheme for the transitional space, where the discreet and minimal backdrop allows the wall art and colourful design elements to standout.

Behind the glass façade a knife-edge detail illuminates the high-level bulkhead, emphasising the height of the portal and drawing the eye inside. Outside, low-glare trimless downlights were seamlessly integrated into the overhanging street canopy to highlight the entrance threshold.

A series of parallel light troughs were custom designed to help guide staff through the space. The illuminated troughs create diffuse light and accommodate two ceiling types: plaster and accessible metal. They also house adjustable spotlights, via a unique mounting gimbal, to provide functional illumination.

Square illuminated ceiling panels in the visitor reception create a simple but sleek lighting design effect. The backlit, double-layered stretch fabric is a tailored design that maximises the ceiling area with diffuse light, while not interfering with the existing structure.

Over the escalators sits a large glass box structure that was introduced to maximise daylight and head clearance – to reveal the feature at night we used narrow beam light sources to accentuate the framework and fritting to the glass.

Images: © James French


Seeing the custom illuminated ceiling troughs evolve from an initial sketch on paper to the finished product being installed.

— Daniel Blaker

Project Team

Daniel Blaker


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