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Lighting Design Historic Barn Interior Architecture Nulty

Historically Modern Home

Designer living

Try and imagine what sort of house a renowned product designer would live in. Well, imagine no more because this is it. Mixing the refurbishment of an historic barn with the modern architecture of a new build makes for a pretty impressive residence that most of us can only dream of.

With fabulous interior architecture the lighting design scheme had to be minimal – this really was about the space rather than the light fittings, so we used trimless LED downlights and minimalist cove lighting. Flexibility was important to the client so a lighting control system allows for differing scenes to be set, depending on the time of day or required ambience.

Lastly, we can’t forget about the basement that houses, you guessed it, the swimming pool. With the clever use of artificial and natural daylight, the space creates a perfect calming oasis to do a few lengths in.


The clean and linear architecture that creates the perfect canvas for a minimal but impactful lighting scheme.

— Paul Nulty

Project Team

Paul Nulty


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