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Architectural Lighting Design Commanding Hotel Atrium Skylight Intricate Mashrabiya Details Dubai Nulty

JA Lake View Hotel, Dubai


An elegantly lit facade offers a hint of what’s to come from our lighting scheme at JA Lake View Hotel – uplights illuminate the dividing screens between balconies and light up each apartment roof to create a rhythmic effect across the expanse of the hotel.

A commanding canopy floods the entranceway with light, drawing the eye into the expansive interior where an imposing atrium has been enhanced by the use of contrasting tones of light. We used cold white light to mimic and reinforce daylight coming through the feature skylight, with concealed projectors that illuminate fretwork and create decorative shadows through the intricate mashrabiya details.

Guest room corridors circulate off the atrium at upper levels and are illuminated with cove lighting. The corridor walls are washed with warm white light for a more intimate atmosphere, which has been continued at a low level through decorative floor and table lights.

Our considered approach to lighting design continues across the hotel’s speciality restaurants and bars, guest rooms, and pool and landscape areas, where a long-life and low-energy solution has been incorporated for optimum efficiency.

For more details on the lighting scheme for Bibé, the hotel’s rooftop bar and lounge, click here.

Images © Alex Jeffries Photography

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